Frequently Asked Question

YES! Your family is an integral part of the De paul Community.

All rooms are fully furnished and we encourage you to bring in your familiar comforts. Talk to our friendly staff in relation to all your needs.

Respite rooms for short-term stays have a television provided, and all rooms have antenna connections.

De Paul Villa provides public phones, and all rooms have phone lines so that residents can obtain a service through Telstra.

YES! We Welcome all small Friendly Furry Visitors!

YES! We ask that your Dr is willing to visit you here at the Villa regularly or if you are unwell.

De Paul Villa will always accommodate those who cannot afford to pay a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Payment) and will assist with ways to pay the accommodation payment if assessed to do so. Minimum fees equal to 85% of the Aged Pension would be payable.

An ACAT (Aged Care Assessment) and for permanent care also an Asset & Income Assessment.

Personal hairdressing, outings, medications, newspapers, telephone and Wi-Fi usage (at greatly reduced rates) and Foxtel.

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